Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to transfer minecraft to another computer using a USB stick?

My bro has minecraft on his computer, is there a way to transfer that to our computer at home. Like with a USB drive. If u need to email


You can copy all the information over with a flash drive but you will have to wait until you have Wifi to be able to play the game. Whenever you play Minecraft on a new computer you need to log in with an internet connection at least once so they can be certain you bought the game. After that you only need internet for updates and servers.


this is what you do
1. go to %appdata%
2. copy and paste the .mincraft folder onto the USB
3. plugin the USB to the 2nd PC you want a copy on
4. copy the . minecraft folder to %appdata% on that PC you want minecraft on
5. go to and download the launcher
6. run and enjoy!
this is just a faster way IF you don't want to redownload any texture packs, saves, or mods

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