Saturday, May 18, 2013

How do I find my npc village in Minecraft?

I have been playing Minecraft, on my pc. Recently I have heard of "npc villages" and would like to know if there is a specific way to find them. I am also planning on building a new home in the village for myself, so I can be near the villagers, and am wondering if this is a good idea.


There is at least one village in each Minecraft world. Some worlds have very few some have many. But if you want to spawn in a village try the seed: "gimmeabreak".To find a village without a seed go to unexplored areas and explore. By the way if you build a house near a village a villager will probaly move in with you. Hope this helped. :)


Now, Im Fairley new to minecraft so i Can't Give you an EXACT way of finding an npc village. But i can give you a few tips I Know & advice considering I Have found a few.
First of all, It depends what npc village you arer looking for. There are some sand types & others featured on grass.

The Sand Types are easiest to find, just look for large amounts of land in a sand biome, they will be featured there. They are clear to see so if you don't see it in that biome after a short amount of time look again.

However if you are looking for a place to grow crops, you will be wanting the one featured on grass. Just Look for pieces of grassy land that doesnt have alot of un-even ground near-by. A Place with not many tree's around it. Because there arn't any tree's around it will be clear to see if one is there or not.

And Yes, it is a good idea to be near villagers. You Can even live in there houses, it doesnt disturb the way they trade. However if you die in the village when you come back they might have gone. - Just a tip there.

Hope I Could help - Mistlight


NPC Villages only spawn in desert biomes and plains biomes. But there is a little trick for finding them. Get your world's seed. Then create a superflat world with the same seed. Fly around and look for a village. When you find one, get the coordinates. Then go back to your regular world ad travel to those coordinates. There should be a village there. This does not always work if there isn't a suitable biome at those coordinates, so find a few for a better chance of it working.


create a superflat, creative world with the same seed as your original world (do t, then /seed), then look around on the superflat world for an npc village (easy to find) then find the coordinates with F3, then go back to the original world and look around for the coordinates on it...


They spawn in plain biomes and desert biomes. On a map they would appear as a brown square. There is no sure way of finding them but when you do find one, be careful not to cause a zombie siege and light up everywhere, the zombies will also break down doors...


There's not any ways to find them, And there's many Npc village per world. Just keep exploring :) Be careful though! Sometimes villagers turn in zombies! So make your decision wisely!

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